SARIT web application - Errors and Error Reporting

Thu Nov 4 09:14:03 UTC 2010

Dear Readers,

I have just been trying to use the SARIT web application for the first
time since the move from the States to Austria. Unfortunately, the web
interface seems to have been broken. While this is sometimes minor
there is at least one instance where things are somewhat more
serious. I find that one can no longer conveniently search for
material using simple ASCII character codes. Does anyone know who is
currently maintaining the site? I would like to be able to send
through a list of issues that seem to have arisen subsequent to the
site `upgrade'.

Best regards,


Richard MAHONEY - Indica et Buddhica

Littledene, Bay Road, OXFORD 7430, NZ
PO Box 25, OXFORD 7443
+64 3 312 1699 / +64 275 829 986
r.mahoney at

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