Conference announcement: BASAS conference, Southampton, April 11-13, 2011

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BASAS (British Association of South Asian Studies)

As the largest UK academic association devoted to the study of South Asia,
BASAS is also one of the world's leading learned societies for the study of
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and the
South Asian Diaspora.

25th Annual BASAS Conference

April 11-13, 2011
University of Southampton

Bodies of Power, Forms of Power: South Asia through History and Across

Who holds power in South Asia? Who holds power in relation to South Asia and
the South Asian diaspora? How is power embodied, how is it wielded, and to
what ends? Where is power located, how is it accessed, how is it
articulated, and how is it signified? Who submits to power, who ignores
power, and who resists power? How is power formed, how is it performed, and
in what forms and through what bodies is it negotiated?

The 2011, 25th anniversary annual BASAS (British Association of South Asian
Studies) conference aims to lay bare the diverse and complex ways in which
power is and has been negotiated in the South Asia region. Through the key
terms of 'bodies' and 'forms', we aim to encourage interdisciplinary
conversations about the ways in which power is understood, endorsed and
undermined in both everyday lives, and at fraught moments of South Asian

We invite proposals for panels and papers that address Bodies of Power,
Forms of Power at personal, local, state and inter-state levels

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