Help with keyboard

Thomas Kintaert thomaskintaert at GMAIL.COM
Wed May 19 11:50:26 UTC 2010

Although I don't use Windows 7 myself, its "Windows XP Mode" might also be 
of help. It is available as a free download, however only for owners of the 
Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise edition of Windows 7. See

Here is some more information including further requirements:

"Microsoft is using its Virtual PC technology to allow Windows 7 users to 
run programs that work in Windows XP but not in Windows Vista. [...] XP Mode 
needs a beefier system than that required to just run Windows 7 or XP alone, 
including at least 2GB of memory and a system that has chip-level 
virtualization from either Intel or AMD." [...] At its core, XP mode 
consists of two things, the Windows Virtual PC engine and a licensed copy of 
Windows XP Service Pack 3 as a packaged virtual machine. [...] One of the 
benefits of XP Mode over Microsoft's existing virtualization products is the 
fact that, after a setup process, the Windows XP virtual machine runs in the 
background so users don't have to manage multiple desktops. [...] Woodgate 
noted that XP Mode isn't a security solution. Indeed, to protect their 
systems, users will need antivirus software running both on their Windows 7 
desktop as well as a copy running inside their Windows XP virtual machine."


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