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Herman Tull hwtull at MSN.COM
Mon May 17 21:46:31 UTC 2010

I am a big fan of Baraha.  When I first made the shift to Windows 7, Baraha 
produced the infamous boxes, etc.  However, I think I caused the problem by 
changing the settings in the "Region and Language" area of the control panel 
(something that I think was required in XP, but apparently not in Windows 
7).  I set everything back to default, and Baraha started to work. 
Incidentally, I use Baraha Direct, and type directly into Word 2007.

I realize Windows and Word are for those of us trapped in this world of 
nescience, but they do have great utility, and I find that with them (and 
Baraha) I am able to easily produce serviceable devanagari.

Herman Tull
Princeton, NJ

From: "Jürgen Neuss" <juergen.neuss at FU-BERLIN.DE>
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: [INDOLOGY] Help with keyboard

> dear kenneth and others,
> i recently tried to install anything i know regarding diacritics, from
> gandhari-unicode to baraha, on the windows 7 computer of one of my
> students. I learned, to my surprise, that nothing worked at all with w7,
> even though different programs use different approaches to override the
> standard windows keyboard layout. i could neither find a solution nor the
> reason for this, nor any kind of workaround. i simply failed. i decided to
> avoid w7 for myaself, [as long as possible] and told my student to do the
> same. she now uses xp again - and no problem at all with either of the
> approaches tried in vain on w7.
> so i can only recommend to downgrade to xp, as long as one cannot use
> another os with suitable software available.
> if anyone has a solution for the w7 problem, i also would be grateful for
> detailed information.
> sorry, if some of you find this response lengthy and useless, what it in
> fact is.
> cheers
> juergen
> Am Mon, 17 May 2010 20:56:07 +0200 hat Kenneth Zysk <zysk at>
> geschrieben:
>> I just acquired a new computer with Windows 7. I downloaded Gandhari 
>> Unicode fonts and tried, but failed, to download the Keyman keyboard 
>> layout. Can someone kindly tell me how to acquire the necessary keyboard 
>> accessory for the Gandhari Unicode fonts with Windows 7.
>> Many thanks in advance.
>> Best,
>> Ken
>> Kenneth Zysk
>> Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
>> University of Copenhagen
>> Artillerivej 86
>> DK-2300 Copenhagen S    Denmark
>>  Email: zysk at
> -- 
> __________
> Jürgen Neuß

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