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Dominik Wujastyk wrote:
> It's in the Mahabharata, Aranyakaparvan, Patrick.
> See online,
> and here are the verse references from the above link:
> 03,002.017d*0007_01 śuśrūṣā śravaṇaṃ caiva grahaṇaṃ dhāraṇaṃ tathā
> 03,002.017d*0007_02 ūhāpoho 'pi vijñānaṃ tattvajñānaṃ ca dhīguṇāḥ

This is of course a starred passage (as your excerpt from the e-text 
shows), and it is only in three of the
MSS collated by the editors of the MBh CE.

When this verse is cited by commentators on literary works (as it is 
quite a few times) it is sometimes
attributed to Kāmandaka. It is indeed found in the Kāmandakīya Nītisāra; 
it is 4.21 in
the Trivandrum Sanskrit Series edition (ed. T Ganapati Sastri, 
Trivandrum 1912). The numbering differs
in other editions, but this verse is I think present in all of them.

But it is quite likely that it can be found in some other sources too, 
perhaps even in one
of Hemacandra's works (presumably Patrick has a quotation with 
attribution to Hemacandra?),
though I can't supply a reference to such an occurrence at present.

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