Smith, Frederick M frederick-smith at UIOWA.EDU
Fri May 14 01:26:55 UTC 2010

On behalf of someone who does not subscribe to Indology, I submit the
following query:

Dear group, I am seeking the precise text and addresses of two verses
imperfectly remembered.  The first is a verse that I am sure is in
Shantiparva, but which I have never been able to locate again, not
even with the pratika index nor by searching the electronic text.  The
first half verse goes something like this:

पुत्र आत्मसमो ह्येव पुत्रा पुत्रस्य वै समा।

Or maybe:

आत्मनो हि समः पुत्रः समा पुत्रस्य पुत्रिका।

Anyway, the original will be very like this.

The second verse, I remember only in sense, and I am not sure if it is
also to be found in Mahabharata: probably, but I remember it from
elsewhere, some other dharmashastra.  The verse tells that an
adulteress is purified by the next menstruation following her crime,
and after that is fit to be touched by her husband again.  I am sure
the verse must be notorious, perhaps common in dharmashastras.

Naganathapura, Bengaluru

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