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I would think he/she should be able to get some interesting information by 
looking at the term for "guest" (atithi)--references to the atithi are 
sprinkled throughout Vedic literature.  As Tim says, if it's the other way 
around...? (Maybe a bottle of merlot?)

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> ... apart
>> from dAna and pratidAna, is there any specific term for
>> host or hostess gift in Sanskrit? And does anybody know
>> (specific!) text references and/or secondary literature
>> regarding this topic? I am aware of most dAna literature.
> See Ludo Rocher's edition and translation:
> *Jiimuutavaahana's Daayabhaaga; The Hindu Law of Inheritance
> in Bengal* Oxford, 2002.
> On p. 137, n. 9 of the translation he writes:
> "A welcoming present" (maadhuparkika) ... is the present
> which some guests receive along with a welcoming madhuparka,
> "honey-based mixture."
> On p. 311 of the text, Rocher provides the verse on lines
> five and six. The word "maadhuparkika" occurs on line two,
> towards the end. After that he includes the reference to
> Manu (M. 9.206). This might be useful in case your student
> would like to read commentaries on who is deserving of the
> madhuparka offering. I'm afraid I can't provide specific
> reference to those.
>   If "host gift" means something to be presented *to* the
> host, well, I don't know anything about that.
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