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... apart
> from dAna and pratidAna, is there any specific term for
> host or hostess gift in Sanskrit? And does anybody know
> (specific!) text references and/or secondary literature
> regarding this topic? I am aware of most dAna literature.

See Ludo Rocher's edition and translation:
*Jiimuutavaahana's Daayabhaaga; The Hindu Law of Inheritance
in Bengal* Oxford, 2002.

On p. 137, n. 9 of the translation he writes: 
"A welcoming present" (maadhuparkika) ... is the present
which some guests receive along with a welcoming madhuparka,
"honey-based mixture." 

On p. 311 of the text, Rocher provides the verse on lines
five and six. The word "maadhuparkika" occurs on line two,
towards the end. After that he includes the reference to
Manu (M. 9.206). This might be useful in case your student
would like to read commentaries on who is deserving of the
madhuparka offering. I'm afraid I can't provide specific
reference to those.

   If "host gift" means something to be presented *to* the
host, well, I don't know anything about that.

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