Berlin 1881

Wed Mar 24 16:21:23 UTC 2010

I have something related: Kern's Verspreide Geschriften vols. 12 (1924) -
13 (1927) but:

A. you probably have them in Leiden;

B. I could not find anything in any of those volumes about Bunyo Nanjo.

cheers and search on,


> Friends,
> I wonder if someone who has the proceedings of the Fifth International
> Congress of Orientalists held in Berlin in 1881 on his or her bed-side
> table
> (!) would be willing to look up something for me (it appears that while
> our
> library has the volumes for the 4th and 6th, we don't have the 5th). Is
> there  a list or index of attendees/participants? I know that the Japanese
> scholar Bunyiu Nanjio (Bunyu Nanjo) attended, along with his teacher Max
> Müller. What I am interested to know is if Hendrik Kern was also there. I
> think he must have been, but at least the bibliography I have does not
> list
> a publication of his lecture (as it does for example for his contribution
> to
> the 6th meeting of the same congress). I am trying to find out if the two,
> Nanjo and Kern, might have met there. (Sadly, the correspondence files of
> both respective scholars were destroyed, so I can't track any letters they
> would have exchanged.)
> With best thanks in advance, Jonathan
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Frits Staal

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