trivalI in compounds

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Vamana has something to say about the word in his Kavyalamkarasutra with a
Paninian citation, but I'm not sure if its exactly what you are looking
for.   This is the text from GRETIL:

*trivalīśabdaḥ siddhaḥ saṃjñā cet // VKal_5,2.14 [*VKal_5,2.13] //*

trivalīśabdaḥ siddho yadi saṃjñā / *diksakhye sa.ñjñāyām*(Pā_2,1.50) iti
saṃjñāyāmeva samāsavidhānāt //14//

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On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 7:48 AM, Oliver Fallon <opfallon at> wrote:

> Dear List Members,
> Can anyone help finding a reference in Paninian literature for the
> lengthening of the final vowel of trivali to trivalI in compounds?
> MW says "f. in comp. the 3 folds over a woman's navel (regarded as a
> beauty)
> VarBṛS. lxx , 5 Ṛitus. GarP."
> I have looked in P. 6.3.114-139, which appears to be the relevant section,
> but may have missed something.
> With thanks,
> Oliver

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