Buddhism and Advaita

Sun Mar 14 13:13:06 UTC 2010

I can mention only one specific point from the debate due to the famous
Sankara. It has nothing (or very little and very indirectly) to do with
the reasons for Buddhists to leave India. (And incidentally: I am not a
follower of S. nor am I a Buddhist).

You have to find someone who knows the texts and ask him about Sankara's
commentary on the Brahmasutra's words: anusmRteSca "and on account of

In the commentary S. says: I can remember what I saw yesterday, but I
cannot remember what you saw yesterday.

The implication is: Buddhists cannot explain remembrance or memory. (I am
familiar with some Buddhist counterarguments and do not think they have
refuted S's point.)

The passage is quoted in my book "Discovering the Vedas" which has a
chapter on "The Vedas and Buddhism".


> Here is the resent message with the correct subject header:
> I was sent this email and it's outside my area of focus by about 1000-2000
> years so I thought I'd pass on the request. 
> Of course, the questioner seems to have some misunderstandings about the
> nature of the Vedanta-Buddhist dialog over the centuries but I'm sure
> y'all or your sources will deal with that.
> Best,
> Dean
> Dean Michael AndersonEast West Cultural Institute
> Quote:Do you know of any references or books that discuss the reported
> debates long ago between Shankara and Buddhists, reasons that the
> Buddhists in part left India for lands further east, as well as
> comparative analyses of Advaita and Buddhist teachings?

Frits Staal


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