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Wed Mar 10 03:44:25 UTC 2010

Dear Colleagues,

Many of you know that for some time I've been working on the
development of the SARIT Project. I've enjoyed this work but it's
meant that the growth of Indica et Buddhica has been slower than I'd

Now, having recently released Christian Wedemeyer's
_Caryāmelāpakapradīpa_, I'll be leaving the SARIT Project at the end
of this month. This will free me to devote more time to Philologica
Indica et Buddhica, a textual analysis platform online since mid 2006:

 Philologica Indica et Buddhica

Philologica already provides a variety of texts for Classical Indian
and Buddhist Studies:

 Philologica Indica et Buddhica :: Digital texts available

The emphasis will now turn to publishing digital editions reflecting
recent developments in text critical reasearch. The aim is to make
editions that currently appear in print or are embedded in doctorates
freely available.

Interested authors, editors and publishers are asked to contact me for

Best regards,

 Richard Mahoney


Littledene, Bay Road, OXFORD 7430, NZ
PO Box 25, OXFORD 7443
+64 3 312 1699 / +64 275 829 986
r.mahoney at

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