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Dear All,

I am in search of a parallel in Sanskrit for the following verse from  
the Vajirabuddhiṭīkā

upogghāto padañ c' eva padattho padaviggaho
codanā pratyavajjānaṃ byākhyā tantassa chabbiddhā

The six terms as given in this verse do not tally with the standard  
terms (sambandha, pada, padattha, padaviggaha, codanā, parihāra)  
given in the Pāli literature from ca. the tenth century onwards as  
the categories relevant for writers of commentaries. Words like  
upogghāta, pratyavajjāna, vyākhyā used in this verse make it  
probable that Vajirabuddhi based himself on some Sanskrit source.

Below are the terms for which alternatives are used in Pāli literature:

upogghāta = sambandha = nidānaṃ = nidassanaṃ
codanā = anuyoga = cālanā
parihāra = paccupaṭṭhānaṃ = pratyavajjānaṃ

Any suggestions are welcome.
Petra Kieffer-Pülz

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