Indian Philosophy Bibliography: Clarification-Indic Language Resources

Shyam Ranganathan shyamr at YORKU.CA
Wed Mar 3 20:48:33 UTC 2010

Dear Colleagues,


Please excuse cross postings. I sent out an email recently to colleagues
about an entry on Indian Philosophy I've been asked to contribute to OUP 's
online bibliography project.  I asked for some suggestions.  I wanted to
clear up two matters. 


First, while I asked for suggestions regarding secondary material and
translations,  I never suggested that Indic Language sources were not going
to be included. If any colleagues have strong views on editions of classical
works, I would be more than happy to hear about them.  


Second, OUP has clarified that 7500 words is a suggestion, not a hard and
fast limitation on the entry. I am pleased to hear this, but I don't expect
to be producing anything as comprehensive as K Potter's great resource: that
would defeat the purpose of something smaller and more selective. 


The entry is supposed to be relevant to students and scholars alike. The aim
is to represent the literature that is essential for an understanding of the
topic.  Any and all suggestions are welcome off list: shyamr at     


Best wishes,




Dr. Shyam Ranganathan 

Department of Philosophy, 

York University, Toronto

Indian Philosohy Editor, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy








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