XVIth Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies

Alexander A. Stolyarov astol007 at GATTAMELATA.COM
Mon Jul 12 19:47:14 UTC 2010

*XVI^th Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies*

* June 20 to June 25, 2011*

*Dharma Drum Buddhist College*

                                     Jinshan, Taiwan

  *               **Second Circular: May 2010*

 This is the second circular for the XVI^th Congress of the 
International Association of Buddhist Studies, to be held at Dharma Drum 
Buddhist College in Jinshan, Taiwan from June 20-25, 2011.

 *General Notices:*

• The new conference website is now online: http://iabs2011.ddbc.edu.tw 

• Online abstract submissions begin now, end December 5, 2010. A video 
tutorial is   available online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tINN8MzvuWY

• Online conference registration/payment will open October 1, 2010.

• A separate *Accommodations Circular* will be sent out in December, 
2010 (at latest).

• The conference now has an interactive mailing list (iabs2011-L). To 
subscribe send Bill an email to that effect.

• It is a policy of the IABS that conference presentations are given in 
English only.

                       Academic Program

The conference will be structured such that all panel and section 
presentations will be scheduled for specific times. Individual papers 
will begin on the hour and half-hour as per the conference schedule (to 
be published April, 2011). This will allow conference members to attend 
their presentations of choice. *Panels* will consist of either five or 
six speakers, organized by convenors who are responsible for their 
thematic unity, academic content, and internal structure. *Sections* on 
general themes will be formed by the conference planning committee from 
accepted abstracts, and will also consist of either five or six 
speakers. Each panel and section will fill one or more three-hour time 
slots. Panels with only five presenters may end after two and a half hours.


For a list of accepted panels, please consult http://iabs2011.ddbc.edu.tw.


The planning committee will identify general themes in Buddhist Studies 
to serve as section titles. Section titles will be decided upon in 
December, 2010 and will be announced at that time.


The committee now invites scholars from all areas of Buddhist Studies to 
submit section paper abstracts. Abstracts should be 500 words or less. 
Please submit by _December 5, 2010_ to our conference website at 
http://iabs2011.ddbc.edu.tw/ <mailto:iabs2008 at emory.edu>. A video 
tutorial on submitting abstracts is available online:


 The committee reserves the right to accept or reject abstracts. 
Accepted abstracts will be assigned to an appropriate section. Final 
decisions on all abstracts will be conveyed to participants in February, 
2011. Accepted abstracts will be mounted on the conference website 
without further editorial attention, so please edit your abstract carefully.

 Note: panel convenors should accept or reject abstracts for their own 
panels. Authors of accepted panel abstracts should be asked to submit 
their accepted abstracts to the conference website by _December 5, 2010_ 
(Bill will produce a second tutorial video explaining how to do this). 
Panel convenors should also write to conference organizers by this date 
indicating /the order in which papers will be presented/.

                       Conference Schedule

Arrival at the conference is on Monday June 20, 2011. Departure is on 
Sunday morning, June 26. The following table gives the basic schedule. A 
detailed schedule of panels and sessions will be announced by April, 2011.










20 June


Arrival, registration




Welcome Reception



21 June


Panels & Sections


Panels & Sections


Sight-seeing Tours around Jinshan



22 June


Panels & Sections


Panels & Sections


Traditional Arts Events



23 June


Panels & Sections




Buffet Dinner &

Arts Program



24 June


Panels & Sections


Panels & Sections


Farewell Dinner



25 June


Panels & Sections


Panels & Sections


Closing Ceremony



26 June




                       Registration Fees and Procedures

The registration fee for the conference will be $250 (Sangha and student 
rate $150). Those registering before March 31, 2011 will be eligible for 
the advance registration discount fee of $200 (Sangha and student rate 
$120). The registration fee includes the following:

    * traditional Chan monastic breakfast available each morning (7 A.M.)
    * five vegetarian lunches
    * coffee and tea breaks daily
    * two catered dinners (also vegetarian cafeteria available nightly)
    * two evening receptions
    * one evening performance
    * one afternoon excursion
    * other events to be announced

The registration fee does not include accommodation or travel. The 
planning committee  regrets that it cannot provide travel or conference 
grants under any circumstances.

 Registration for the conference will be online, through a secure server 
accessed through the conference website. *Online registration will begin 
on October 1, 2010* and will remain open until June 10, 2011. Register 
by March 31, 2011 to qualify for the discounted rate.

 If personal circumstances do not allow for online registration and you 
wish to qualify for the discounted rate, please contact the planning 
committee to make special arrangements. Those desiring the student rates 
should provide proof of their status as a student.

 Please note that all attendees must be fully-paid members of IABS at 
the time of the conference.


Since accommodations on Dharma Drum Mountain itself are limited to 
dormitory-style rooms, many attendees will prefer to stay in nearby 
beach-front and hot-springs spa hotels. We are negotiating discounted 
rates at a number of locations. A separate *Accommodations Circular* 
will be sent out December, 2010 at latest. Attendees will be able to 
reserve rooms at that time.

                       IABS Membership

All conference participants must be current subscribing IABS members in 
the year of the conference. To join the International Association of 
Buddhist Studies, please follow the instructions found on the IABS 
website at www.iabsinfo.net <http://www.iabsinfo.net/>. Those who are 
not current members by the start of the conference will be asked to 
subscribe on site.

                       Third Circular

The third circular will be sent out in April, 2011. This will include a 
schedule for the academic program as well as further details about 
conference events. We regret that those who have not submitted an 
abstract by the published deadline (_December 5, 2010_) cannot be 
included in the conference schedule. The third circular will give an 
updated conference program, travel information and other practical details.

                       Officers of the Planning Committee

President:        Prof. Huimin Bhikshu

Chair:              Profs. William Magee and Jenjou Hung

Convenor:       Prof. Aming Tu

Advisory Board:   Prof. Ann Heirman
Prof. Sara McClintock
Prof. Peter Skilling
Prof. Tom Tillemans


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