colophon, explicit, incipit, post-colophon, etc. etc.

Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jul 1 16:01:34 UTC 2010

It's all very confusing.

First question: am I right in believing that David Pingree introduced
the term "post-colophon" into Indian manuscript studies when he wrote
his catalogue of the Bodleian Chandra Shum Shere jyotiṣa collection?

Second: am I right that nobody outside Indological circles (and those
influenced by indologists in the last few decades) uses the term

Finally, here's a grid of usages:

Key: Pingree (various catalogues, starting 1984)
Tripathi: C. Tripathi, Cat. of Jaina MSS at Strasbourg
Wikipedia: see and links.
X: no special term

Description            Pingree        Tripathi         Wikipedia (and
Final verse
of text                       X                     X              explicit

iti...samāptam        colophon      colophon       X (or colophon?)

saṃvat phrase       post-            Scribal           colophon
                                colophon       Remarks

after saṃvat
phrase                    X                  post-             X

Pratapaditya Pal uses "post-colophon" in his 1978 Arts of Nepal book
(, in the same sense as Pingree.  Perhaps
that's where David got it?


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