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Just as good as the Chinese website, if not better! I've learned alot. For

*What is Sanskrit?
**Sanskrit is an ancient spiritual language from India.  It originated as
part the Indus Valley Civilization and is said to be approximately 5,000
years old.  Sanskrit is governed by the proper pronunciation of pure tones
in a perfectly rhythmical way to create a theraputic feeling for the
listener and the presenter.

*So, the IVC problem is solved, that's good to know. And we should all feel
therapeudic, apparently, which is fantastic! But wait, it gets better!

The story begins when sisters, Andrea and Sara, just 9 and 7 years old, were
spontaneously able to chant, read and write Sanskrit. This is something
traditionally only done by Indian Male pundits.

And you see, stupid me, I thought that EVEN MALES had to study a little
bit.  Now I know why my Sanskrit is so much worse than that of Indian Male
pundits--they are able to do it all spontaneously, you see.

No wonder the politicians don't want to fund us anymore--why pay someone to
teach something which should come naturally?

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> >>
> Well, concerning the claim China has the first Sanskrit popsinger, America
> came first, indeed. There exists a music group called "Shanti Shanti" who is
> claimed to be the "first" Sanskrit rock band. See the homepage: <
> Enjoy
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