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Thu Jan 28 03:24:50 UTC 2010

Dear colleagues,
The fragmentary socle of an intact Sanskrit stela inscription (dated 700 "saka) recently discovered in the temple complex of Hoa Lai in Ninh Thuan province, Southern Vietnam, is itself inscribed with a slightly later group of stanzas, dated to 760 "saka. Only two out of four faces of the socle are left, and I am trying to determine how many verse-quarters would have stood on the lost faces. For this purpose, it would be very helpful if any exact parallels could be discovered from epigraphical or literary Sanskrit for the following two indravajraa paadas:
ye sa.mhari.syanty adhamaa.h k.rtaghnaa.hand
tasmaat pit.rbhyaa.m narakaadhamaayaam
I am hoping that these are not original compositions for the inscription in question, but belong to the large mass of curse formulae that Sanskrit inscriptions make use of. If so, I might be able to determine how to place them in relation to each other, and to a third element, ... sty aviicyaa.m (apparently the end of another indravajraa paada), whose position I can also not determine. I haven't myself been able to find these elements elsewhere. Can anybody help?
Thank you.
Arlo Griffiths (EFEO, Jakarta)
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