Works on SA languages, 2007-2009, by scholars residing in Europe

John Peterson jpeterso at UNI-OSNABRUECK.DE
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Dear all,

I am currently in the process of compiling the commentated bibliography on
studies on South Asian languages by scholars residing in Europe for the
years 2007-2009 for the Annual Review of South Asian Languages and
Linguistics (other regions will be covered by other authors).

Although such a bibliography will never - and probably can never - be
exhaustive, I would nevertheless like to take this opportunity to ask
those members of this list who reside/work in Europe and who have
published works on these languages between 2007-2009 to please inform me
of their work so that I can incorporate this information into the upcoming
bibliography and make it more representative.

I would therefore be grateful if you could let me know of your own work
(or that of your colleagues) on any aspect of South Asian languages of the
past three years. This includes - but is not restricted to! - the
following areas:

- grammars
- phonology
- historical linguistics
- traditional grammatical studies
- lexicography
- sociolinguistic aspects
- morphosyntactic studies
- computational linguistics
- (machine) translation
- writing systems / literacy studies
- linguistic convergences / language areas
- and much, much more!

The only requirement is that the work be *primarily* linguistic in nature,
e.g., not a translation of a text.

It would also be great if you could send me electronic versions of these
if you have them (which I of course will NOT distribute further!).

I look forward to hearing from you!


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