Could the future Sankhacakravarti please stand up?

Marie-Hélène Gorisse mhgorisse at GMAIL.COM
Fri Jan 22 15:03:52 UTC 2010

Dear members of the Indology list,

I am working on Prabhâcandra's *Prameyakamalamârtanda* and this author, as
well as other Jain and Buddhist authors (notably Siddhasena Divâkara in his
Nyâyâvatâra and Moksâkaragupta in his Bauddhatarkabhâsâ) are using the
expression "Sankhacakravarti" to denote a future agent (especially in the
argument of the three times).

Unfortunately, I have not managed to find any tracks of this
Sankhacakravarti neither in Jain mythology, nor in Buddhist cosmology.

May I ask you if anyone have heard about such a character?
If it might be of some help, the one standing for past agents in the *
Prameyakamalamârtanda* is Râvana.

Thank you very much!!

Best regards,
Marie-Hélène Gorisse

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