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The Jain Yoga of the Terāpanthī

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Ämne: JAINA YOGA, SOAS 18-19 MARCH 2010


*12th Jaina Studies Workshop at SOAS*

* *

*The 10th Annual Jain Lecture*

Thursday, 18th March 2010

18.00-19.30 Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

19.30 Reception Brunei Gallery Suite

Sagarmal Jain (Pārśvanāth Vidyāpīṭh, Vārāṇasī)

*The Historical Development of the Jaina-Yoga System and the Impact of other
Indian Yoga Systems on it: A Comparative and Critical Study*


* *

Friday, 19th March 2009

9.00, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

9.00     Tea and Coffee

9.15     Welcome

9.30     Olle Qvarnström (Lund University)

*The Concept of Yoga in Jainism*

10.00   Bansidhar Bhatt (University of Münster)

*Study in Meditational Techniques in Early Jainism*

10.30            Samani Chaitypragya & Samani Rohinipragya (Jain Vishva
Bharati University) *The Concept  of ‘Sandhi’ In Jain Scriptures - A
Hermeneutic Approach*

* *

11.00   Tea & Coffee

11.30   John Cort (Denison University)

*When will I meet such a Guru? Images of the Yogī in Digambara Hymns*

12.00   Johannes Bronkhorst (University of Laussane)

*Kundakunda versus Sāṃkhya on the Soul*

12.30   Discussion **

* *

13.00   Lunch: Brunei Gallery Suite

14.00   Christopher Chapple (Loyola Marymount University)

*The Jaina Yogas of Haribhadra*

14.30   Jefferey Long

*Yaśovijaya’s View of  Yoga*

* *

15.00   Piotr Balcerowicz (University of Warsaw)

*Extrasensory Perception (yogi-pratyakṣa) in Jainism and its Soteriological


15.30   Tea & Coffee**

16.00   Andrea R. Jain (Rice University)**

*Prekṣā  Dhyāna: A Jain Form of Modern Yoga*

16.30   Smita Kothari (Toronto University)

*D**Œ**na and Dhy**Œ**na in Jaina Yoga*

17.00   Jason Birch (Oxford University)

*Universalist and** Missionary Jainism: Jain Yoga of the Terāpanthī

17.30   Discussion

18.00   Final Remarks

ALL WELCOME !  (No registration necessary)

The Conference is Co-Organised by SOAS, Lund University, Layola University
Los Angeles, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. For further
information contact:

Olle Qvarnström: Olle.Qvarnstrom at
Christopher Chapple: cchapple at
Jane Savory, SOAS Centres Office: js64 at

Dr Peter Flügel
Chair, Centre of Jaina Studies
Department of the Study of Religions
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
School of Oriental and African Studies
University of London
Thornhaugh Street
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Tel.: (+44-20) 7898 4776
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