Well, mzybe not so cool: Sanskrit script?

Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Tue Jan 12 21:38:34 UTC 2010

I was under the impression that traditionally in Maharashtra Modi was used for secular purposes (correspondence and legal and administrative documents) and Devanagari aka Balbodh for religious texts.  Is that incorrect?  Also, was Modi used for Sanskrit?

" Some reflection of what the situation could have been like when
government policy began to promote Nagari can be seen in the current state
of Gujarati. Publications in Gujarati language, especially the ones
concerning Skt, Prakrit, Jainism etc., that is, concerning topics of
potentially pan-Indian interest, frequently use Nagari instead of or in
addition to the traditional Gujarati script. (Marathi has gone beyond this
stage. It has completely given up its Mo.dii script, a cousin of the
traditional Gujarati script.)"

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