Manuscripta Buddhica Vol. 1

Francesco Sferra fransfe at TIN.IT
Sun Jan 10 19:56:23 UTC 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I am glad to announce the publication of the first volume of
the series Manuscripta Buddhica, a sub-series,  edited by Harunaga
Isaacson and myself, of the Rome Oriental Series.

The first volume, which is entitled Sanskrit Texts from Giuseppe
Tucci's Collection. Part I, and was edited by me,
contains  information on the Sanskrit manuscripts gathered by Tucci
during his missions, information on the history of these missions and
eight essays, mainly on unedited texts or manuscripts. Each essay is
accompanied by reproductions of the manuscripts studied.

The table of contents:

Foreword by Gherardo Gnoli, p. 7
Preface "Manuscripta Buddhica" by Harunaga Isaacson and Francesco  
Sferra, p. 9
Editorial Note and Acknowledgments by Francesco Sferra, p. 11

Francesco Sferra: Sanskrit Manuscripts and Photographs of Sanskrit
Manuscripts in Giuseppe Tucci’s Collection, p. 15
Oscar Nalesini: Assembling Loose Pages, Gathering Fragments of the
Past: Giuseppe Tucci and His Wanderings Throughout Tibet and the
Himalayas, 1926-1954, p. 79

Vincent Eltschinger: Śankaranandana’s Sarvajñasiddhi. A Preliminary
Report, p. 115
Eli Franco: Variant Readings from Tucci’s Photographs of the
Yoginirṇayaprakaraṇa Manuscript, p. 157
Paolo Giunta: The Āryadhvajāgrakeyūra nāma dhāriṇī. Diplomatic  
of MS Tucci 3.2.16, p. 187
Albrecht Hanisch: Sarvarakṣita’s Maṇicūḍajātaka.  
Reproduction of the
Codex Unicus with Diplomatic Transcript and Palaeographic Introduction
to the Bhaikṣukī Script, p. 195
Kano Kazuo: Two Short Glosses on Yogācāra Texts by Vairocanaraksita:
Viṃśikāṭīkāvivṛti and *Dharmadharmatāvibhāgavivṛti, p. 343
Kano Kazuo: A Preliminary Report on Newly Identified Text Fragments in
Śāradā Script from Zwa lu Monastery in the Tucci Collection, p. 381
Birgit Kellner: A Missing Page from Durvekamiśra’s  
on Nyāyabindu 3.15 and 3.18 in Context, p. 401
Birgit Kellner and Francesco Sferra: A Palm-leaf Manuscript of
Dharmakīrti’s Pramāṇavārttika from the Collection kept by the  
rājaguru Hemarāja Śarman, p. 423
Contributors, p. 485

Copies can be ordered from the IsIAO Mediastore
( ).

Yours sincerely,

Francesco Sferra

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