kashyap as default gotra (ritual manual?)

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I don't have a textual reference but it is common in modern India that converts to Hinduism of European heritage are told to take Kashyapa as their gotra. I have seen them use it in rituals performed in very traditional contexts and it was accepted.

Of course, many Hindus of Indian heritage also have Kashyapa as their gotra.


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Some time ago, I came across a reference somewhere that in case of a person's gotra being unknown, for purposes of marriage etc., they should be assigned Kaashyapa gotra.

I can't recall where I saw this reference and Google hasn't been of any help. So I was wondering if anyone could point me to the source(s?) for this custom.

(Intriguingly the rsi Kashyapa seems to be connected with "conversion" of Mlecchas, e.g. in the Bhavishya Purana).
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