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Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
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"Of course, as Einstein proved, it's all relative (that's a joke)."

Actually, as someone remarked, he could as appropriately have named the theory, "The Theory of the Absolute Speed of Light."  Was he pushing relativism in other fields, as some have used his work to do?  Interesting point, though off the subject.  

Anyway, Sanskrit in large part for many many centuries has been a language radically formed not only by prescriptive grammar but by prescriptive phonetics, described in terms of articulation.

Anyway, a bunch of tiny thugs or prissy little misses on the playground of a preschool are as radically prescriptivist and demanding of a new kid who talks funny as the most pedantic grammarian or driest schoolmarm.  So much for certain American sociolinguistics who deride prescriptive grammar, even in the schools.

Pardon random venting of a mind that had to get up too early this morning and hasn't had enough coffee yet.


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