INDOLOGY FAQ. Re. Varanasi

JKirkpatrick jkirk at SPRO.NET
Mon Feb 15 18:02:10 UTC 2010

Well, his surname suggests that his ancestors came from the
northern Iran area known as Rusht, as in (Eng.) 'rushed'. But who
knows how he pronounces it.

Joanna K.

God yes.  And the author, Salman Rooshdie?

(Has anyone heard him pronounce his own name?  Not that that
would be convincing evidence to an indologist  :-)


On 15 February 2010 16:24, Frances Pritchett <fp7 at>

> And moving on from VaraNAAsi, let's not forget that other great

> cultural center, the POON-jab.
> Fran

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