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Dear collegues,

The following is for your information.

Logic in Earliest Classical India, edited by Brendan S. Gillon. Papers
of the 12th World Sanskrit Conference, v. 10.2. Delhi: Motilal
Banarsidass Publishers.


The Development of Logic in Early Classical India
by Brendan S. Gillon

Reasoning as a Science, its Role in Early Dharma
Literature, and the Emergence of the Term nyaya
by Karin Preisendanz

On the Proof Passage of the Carakasamhita:
Editions, Manuscripts and Commentaries
by Ernst Prets

The Logical Reason Called virodhin in Vaisesika and Its
Significance for Connection-based Theories of Reasoning
by Birgit Kellner

The Discussion of pramanas in the Spitzer Manuscript
by Eli Franco

The Logic of the Saüdhinirmocanastra: Establishing
Right Reasoning Based on Similarity (sarupya) and
Dissimilarity (vairupya)
by Chizuko Yoshimizu

Obversion and Contraposition in the Nyayabhasya
by Brendan S. Gillon

Anumana in Bhartrhari's Vakyapadiya
by Akihiko Akamatsu


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