Abhidharmakosha in e-format

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Feb 4 00:41:59 UTC 2010

I need to correct my previous post --- the complete Kosa with bhasya is 
available, from the same site I mentioned.

There is no index page that I can find, so each chapter has to be accessed 
separately. Also it gives a line-for-line interlinear with the two Chinese 
translations (Paramartha and Xuanzang), so while good for intertextual work, 
distracting if one just wishes to peruse the Sanskrit alone.

Go to http://www.mldc.cn/sanskritweb/resour/etext/abhk1.html

To get the next chapter, change the .../abhk1.html in the address bar to 
.../abhk2.html. Then replace the 2 with 3 for the third chapter, and so on, 
up to chapter 9.

This is an example of the work being done at Beijing University. The early 
chapters were edited/entered by Fan Jingjing, and from the 3rd chapter on by 
Zhang Xueshan.

One tip: Since the webpages were composed in China, browsers default to a 
simplified Chinese setting, which scrambles the Sanskrit. Use your browser 
setting to set each page to utf-8 unicode. If you are planning to download 
these pages to your own computer, if you change the encoding in your browser 
to utf-8 BEFORE you download each page they should open properly once 
downloaded without having to tamper with encoding settings again.

Dan Lusthaus

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