Nirukta of anugraha?

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There are clear verbal usages like anugṛhītaḥ asmi in Sanskrit literature (i.e. Kālidāsa's dramas) indicating the connection of the verb anu+grah with the term anugraha.  Check such verbal usages.  Best,

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Subject: [INDOLOGY] Nirukta of anugraha?

Dear esteemed colleagues,

In an inquiry apropos to the holiday season, I wonder if any of you have
ever seen a nirukta or nirvacana of anugraha, explaining its derivation,
since there is no obvious connection (that I can see) between anu + grah and
the meanings of anugraha.

thank you,


Christopher D. Wallis, M.A. (Cal), M.Phil. (Oxon)

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