Date of usage of the word Bhaarata to denote India

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Harisvāmin’s commentary on the Śatapatha-Br. aughá imāḥ sárvvāḥ prajā́ḥ nirvvoḍhā runs as : sa imāḥ bhāratavarṣanivāsinīḥ prajāḥ nirvoḍhā niḥśeśaṃ deśāntaraṃ prāpayitā. The word will be found in all the major Purāṇas in Jambudvīpavarṇanam. Cf.,Matsya-P.122.te bhāratasya varṣasya bhedā yena prakīirtitāḥ . Emperor Asoka knew only the word Jambudvīpa.

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Dear esteemed colleagues,

Happy holidays.  I am reading and translating a very late ha.tha-yoga text
called the Yoga-Kar.nikaa, the date of which can possibly be determined by
its use of the phrase* bhaarate*.  Does anyone know the
earliest usage of Bhaarata in the meaning "India"?  I am guessing 19th
century, but I really don't know.

thank you,
Chris Wallis


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