making diacritics (on my Mac)

James Mallinson jim at KHECARI.COM
Fri Dec 17 10:26:36 UTC 2010

Dear All,

Further to my last post, here is the web page for the AsianExtended  
keyboard layout, which has a link for downloading it and instructions   
for its installation: 

All the best,


On 17 Dec 2010, at 03:58, Arlo Griffiths wrote:

> Sorry, for asking help about mundane issues such as the following:
> In Luis González-Reimann's last posting, I admired his ability to  
> produce r with subscript circle. I haven't yet found a way to make  
> this combination (let alone the corresponding long vocalic r, or  
> accented ones for Vedic) on my Mac with any of the inbuilt fonts/ 
> keyboards. Is there a way?
> I am also looking for a way to make the candrabindu on top of an m.  
> Is there any simple way to do so or must one work with specific  
> Indological fonts and keyboards?
> Finally, I'd like to make a tilde (~) on top of an m. This would  
> seem to be an easy one, but the usual key combination for placing  
> tilde on top does not yield the desired result when used with m in  
> the U.S. Extended Keyboard. Does anyone know a solution?
> Of course I'd be happiest if I could do all of the above tricks in  
> one font and keyboard and still be able to make the usual diacritics  
> too.
> Thanks again,
> Arlo Griffiths (EFEO/Jakarta) 		 	   		

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