7 temporary research positions as assistant professor at Ghent University

Eva De Clercq evadeclercq at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 16 15:42:17 UTC 2010

Dear colleagues,

My apologies for cross-posting.
The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of Ghent University, Belgium, has seven 
openings for a temporary (3 years) postdoctoral research positions. 
We would like to encourage candidates from the field of Indology, Indian 
languages and cultures, Religious studies, etc. to apply. The deadline for 
application is the 10th of January 2011.
Please forward this to anyone who may be interested.
For further enquiries: Ev.DeClercq at UGent.be or evadeclercq at gmail.com

With best wishes,

Eva De Clercq



Vacancies(unofficial version, for official version, in dutch, see: 
For more information, contact Ev.DeClercq at UGent.be

Assistant professor positions - deadline 10th of January 2011

The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy offers the following positions. These 
positions are temporary for a duration of three years. 

Seven full-time assistant professor positions at the Faculty of Arts and 
Philosophy (tel.:09/264.39.30) – salary at 100%: min. € 29 069,73 – max. € 
45 317,25 (payable at 151,57%) 

Profile of the candidate

-	at the time of submission the candidate should hold the degree of 
Doctor in one of the study areas of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy: 
Philosophy and Ethics, Language and Literature, History, Archeology and 
Art History, the mixed area of Languages and Cultures and/or Comparative 
Cultural Sciences. 
-	the candidate should have carried out outstanding scientific 
research in the field of study concerned, that is proven by at least 4 
publications in the form of (co-) authorship of articles mentioned in the 
Arts and Humanities Citation Index, the Social Science Citation Index, or 
the Science Citation Index or in the form of (co-) authorship of a book, 
published in an international publishing house and mentioned in the list 
of Ghent University's Research Board 
searchterm=lijst%20uitgeverijen). You may also receive this list from the 
Dean's Office from Ms. Annelies Lefebvre 
(mailto:annelies.lefebvre at ugent.be; tel.: 09/264.39.31) or Ms. Vicky 
Vandenbogaerde (mailto:vicky.vandenbogaerde at ugent.be; tel.: 09/264.39.33);
-	papers presented at academic conferences are commended;
-	the candidate should possess the necessary didactic, 
organisational and communicative skills to support and guide doctoral 
students (f.i. in the frame of a Doctoral school);
-	the application must be accompanied by: a (fased) publication plan 
in view of the optimalisation of the research output. 

Content of the position

-	procuring research output and support
-	cooperation in courses at MA-level
-	academic service
-	at least 90% of the time must be spent on research

*** *** ***
The applications, with curriculum vitae and copies of the relevant 
diplomas, must be sent by registered post to the Department of Personnel 
and Organisation of Ghent University, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25 – 9000 
Gent, Belgium. The deadline for application is 10th of January 2011.

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