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The Library of Congress copy < > is "36 parts in 5 vols.," and gives the date as 1726-1758.  Does this sound complete to you? WorldCat (OCLC Accession Number 649514243) shows a copy in the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin that goes a bit more extensive, namely "Bd. 1.1726 - 5.1758/61 = T. 1-38[?]."

The word office" after the LOC call number means it's in the Rare Book room.  Getting the letters copied would probably have to be done by our Duplication Service rather than by me on a photocopy machine.  Duplication's charges can be seen off of its homepage < >.  It's possible that they and the Rare Book staff would permit me or one of our student assistants to shoot the letters with a digital camera.

I suspect Duplication's charges would still be less than European institutions'.


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Dear Members of the list,

I am looking for informations about the Jesuits astronomers who worked in India, and especially about a Bavarian Jesuit called Andreas Strobl (1703-c.1770). Some of his letters are edited in the fifth volume of Joseph Stöcklein's Neue Welt-bott. Unhappily, I can't find more than the two first volumes of this book in Belgium and even the British Library has only the four first ones. Could anyone tell me (please understand after checking, for the libraries' descriptions are not always very clear about the volumes they have) which Library has this volume ? I would also be very happy to know if copies are possible (the books are old), at a not too expansive rate. I am especially interested by the letters having numbers 641, 642, 647 to 650, 806 and 807 (all the letters in Der Neue Welt-bott are listed chronologically by a number).

Thank you very much for your help,

Dr Jean Michel Delire,
Lecturer in 'Science and civilization in India - Sanskrit texts' at the IHEb (University of Brussels)

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