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Forwarded to the list on behalf of Paolo Aranha:

>As I have a general interest in whatever concerns the history of Catholic missions to India during the early modern age, I immediately went from Rome (where I live) to the Carmelite Convent of San Silvestro in Montecompatri so as to see this precious manuscript. The Carmelite Fathers have kindly allowed all the few scholars who have come to Montecompatri to take photoreproductions of this manuscripts. Moreover, they have also specified to me that they would be happy if this manuscript could be available online. I am confident that the indological research team of Dr. Van Hal will take care of publishing the manuscript in a professional academic website.
In order to simplify furthermore the access to this pdf preliminary version, I have linked it also to the Wikipedia (English) page devoted to Hanxleden.
In case you want to share this document with other scholars, it is sufficient that you send them this link only: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Ernst_Hanxleden.

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