Hiragana and Indic Scripts

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Dear Peter,

The most authoritative work on the subject is Mabuchi Kazuo日本韻学史の研究 / 馬渕和夫
(1962)'s Nihon Ingakushi no kenkyuu 日本韻学史の研究. The three-volumed masterpiece
contains numerous references to the questions you raised together with a
bewildering mass of materials that worths a lifetime's study.

Materials in English on this subject are largely preliminary both in scope
and depth, starting with Van Gulik, followed by Chauduri as others had

Best regards,
Bill Mak
2010/8/10 Peter Friedlander <peterfriedlander at yahoo.com.au>

> Dear Colleagues,
> any ideas on leads on Indic script connections with Japanese
> Hiragana/Katakana scripts?
> Hiragana/Katakana starts a i u e o ka ki ku ke ko etc.
> The organization of the Japanese sound system seems related to Indic
> systems, but Japanese histories of their scripts that I have seen are quite
> silent on the relationship between Siddham and Kana script systems that I
> have observed (my current notes on this at
> http://bodhgayanews.net/melbournehindi/?p=22).
> I am sure that somebody must have written on this, any idea where?
> regards
> Peter Friedlander
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