Sorting Paragraphs

Paul G. Hackett ph2046 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Tue Aug 10 12:47:14 UTC 2010

Dear Philipp,

   If you really need to preserve formatting, rather than writing a 
full RTF-compliant application, it might be easier to simply write a 
VBA macro with a simple bubble sort to run under Word to perform the 
same task.

Paul Hackett
Columbia University

At 2:21 PM +0200 8/10/10, Philipp Maas wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>I am currently preparing a glossary of Sanskrit terms in transliteration,
>for which I would like to use a software that sorts paragraphs automatically
>in a sequence according to the Sanskrit alphabet. I am working with a
>Unicode font and a Windows operating system. The software (share- or freeware
>preferred) should be RTF compatible in order to preserve the font formats of
>the original file.
>Any suggestions?
>With many thanks in advance and best regards,
>Philipp Maas

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