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Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at GMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 4 11:11:10 UTC 2010

Manuel Batsching's very useful blog post,


draws attention to the Golden Dictionary <> software
that runs on Windows and Linux (so far).  Following Batsching's notes, I
installed GD easily, and found it to be every bit as useful and easy to use
as he suggests.  It is easily the best (= easiest to used and technically
most superior) desktop dictionary program I have used.  Batsching's
ready-made links to Apte's and Macdonell's dictionaries (from
makes it trivially easy to look up words in those sources.  I have added a
comment on how to make Golden Dictionary also a front-end for SARIT (, so that word-searches in Golden Dictionary can
return contextualized results from searching the entire Sanskrit text
library in SARIT (large amounts of smrti, artha, purana, ayurveda, and
Buddhist tantra text).

Apologies for duplication for those of you who already follow the
Flammschild blog, but I thought this important enough to draw to the
attention of the INDOLOGY readers at large.

Dominik Wujastyk

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