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Jonathan Silk kauzeya at GMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 3 07:13:46 UTC 2010

Dear Colleagues,

This morning I received email about the following:

The Digital Preservation Society has released their Digital Tempangma
manuscript kangyur recently.

More information on this release is available in this website.

What they have digitzed is a Peking Kanjur and what appears to be the
so-called "Ulan Bator Manuscript of the *Kanjur* Rgyal-rtse Them-spangs-ma"
catalogued by Géza *Bethlenfalvy*.
The quality (one can download samples) is stunning--but the price is also
impressive, I'm afraid (note, in case you're thinking of ordering, that the
Yen price is somewhat cheaper than the dollar price, at the current exchange

Best, jonathan
J. Silk
Instituut Kern / Universiteit Leiden
Postbus 9515
2300 RA Leiden

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