Tara iconography

John C. Huntington huntington.2 at OSU.EDU
Thu Apr 29 22:02:27 UTC 2010

Dear Lars Martin,

What you have been given so far is mostly descriptive iconography. If  
yous scholar wants iconology as well as iconography, s/he should look at
the following in addition to those mentioned:

Read first:

Willson, Martin. In Praise of Tara (Includes very nice drawings of  
Astamaha-abhaya Tara)

Beyer, Stephen, Cult of Tara

Then then:

Anon. Cittamani Tara: The collected arrangement of recitations of an  
extended sadhana of Cittamani Tara

Yeshe, Lama Thubten, Cittamani Tara: A Commentary on the  
Anuttarayogatantra Method of Cittamani Tara

__________________, The twenty-one Taras

Zopa, Lama Thubten, Offering Prayer of the Four Mandalas to Cittamani  

Tåranathå, Jo-nan, The Origin of the Tara Tantra

If there is time, read:

Maitra, A. K., Tårå Tantram. Varendra Research Society, 1914 (Might be  
a bit hard to find)

Ghosh, Mallar. Development of Buddhist Iconography in Eastern India:   
A Study of Tara Prajnas of Five Tathgatas art Bhrikuti

Shastri, H., The Origin and Cult of Tara

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