Cola period Tamil inscription in Sri Lanka

Alexander A. Stolyarov astol007 at GATTAMELATA.COM
Wed Apr 28 10:15:19 UTC 2010

Hi Whitney

Try South Indian inscriptions Volume IV around inscription No. 1389.

E. Francis

Whitney Cox пишет:
> Dear colleagues,
> On p. 9 (paragraph no. 8) of his Annual Report on Epigraphy for the
> year 1909-1910 (G.O. no. 665, July '10), Krishna Sastri refers to the
> then-recent discovery by "H. C. P. Bell, esq.,  Archeological
> Commissioner, Ceylon" of a number of Tamil inscriptions found in Śiva
> and Viṣṇu temples in Polannaruwa.  Krishna Sastri goes on to report
> that the "only complete record of the set was a Choḷa inscription of
> the 11th century A.D. and belonged to the time of Adhirājendra".
> Could anyone direct me to a published version of this record?
> Thanks in advance,
> Whitney

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