critiques of sacrifice

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One of the leaders of Kerala renaissance of the 19th century Sri  
Chattambi Swamikal has vehemently criticised the Vedic sacrifices in  
his book named VedaadhikaaraniruupaNam. I have collected his complete  
works and published. I have also written a book named Marxism and  
Yagasamskaram. All these are in Malayalam.
K.Maheswaran Nair Ph.D.
Centre for Vedanta Studies
University of Kerala

  Myself hof
Quoting Finnian Moore Gerety <fmgerety at FAS.HARVARD.EDU>:

> Dear List--
> Can anyone recommend primary or secondary literature on critiques of Vedic
> sacrifice and orthopraxy? I am interested in Buddhist & Jain critiques as
> well as those from within the Brahmanic fold.
> Thanks
> Finnian Moore Gerety
> doctoral student, Dept. of Sanskrit & Indian Studies, Harvard University

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