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Sorry for the delay. In 2008 a very bright summer intern sorted and organized these papers.  He had a year or two of college German but no Indological background and so didn't recognize names, and also naturally had no expertise in deciphering 19th c. handwriting.  I have never had time to go through and correct his spellings of names etc. I don't see Kern's name in his collection guide, but I will forward it to you as an attachment and you can go through and see if there is anything that looks like a misspelling of the name, and I will have a look at the item.  There was also a signed menu or two, which unfortunately the intern didn't identify as such, but which I will try to find.  Finally there are some folders of letters with signatures the intern could not identify, which I'll have a look at.  They might mention why Kern wasn't there, as the document that Will Sweetman referred us to indicated.


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this to Allan Thrasher: LOC actually lists its ownership of Weber's files
from the congress, if you wanted to wade through them for such

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