Indian Roman Keyboard for Mac (Corrected URL)

George Hart glhart at BERKELEY.EDU
Fri Sep 25 20:18:57 UTC 2009

(Note the correction: the website is and  
then you choose software).

I have made a unicode keyboard driver for the Mac (OS X -- I'm using  
Snow leopard, but it should run on earlier versions of OS X) that uses  
the forward slash as a dead key and enables easy input of the  
diacriticals for Tamil and Sanskrit (and most other South Asian  
languages).  It is available at (choose  
software).  The software is in the public domain.

I did this because I suddenly realized that all the diacriticals  
needed for Sanskrit and Tamil are already in unicode and there is no  
need for a special font -- I have used the TimesIndian font for years.

I have developed a Nisus macro, also available from the above website,  
that converts from TimesIndian to unicode for Indian diacriticals.

Hope this proves useful to some.  George Hart

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