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Between Preservation and Recreation: Tamil Traditions of Commentary.
Proceedings of a Workshop in Honour of T.V. Gopal Iyer [22/01/1926 -- 

Edited by Eva Wilden, Collection Indologie n°109, IFP / EFEO, 2009, xiv, 
319 p.
Language: English (except 2 articles in Tamil). 600 Rs (26 €)
ISBN (IFP): 978-81-8470-173-9. ISBN (EFEO): 978-2-85539-674-3

The seed from which this book germinated was a workshop entitled 
“Between Preservation and Recreation: Tamil Traditions of Commentary in 
Pursuit of the Caṅkam Era”, held in the Pondicherry Centre of the EFEO 
in July 2006 in honour of the late and much lamented Pandit T.V. Gopal 
Iyer. A presentation of the life and work of T.V. Gopal Iyer, along with 
his bibliography, is followed by essays.

After a general introduction by Eva Wilden, Thomas Lehmann gives a 
survey of the types of commentary found in Tamil. Jean-Luc Chevillard 
addresses the interaction between scholastic Sanskrit and Tamil. G. 
Vijayavenugopal, Eva Wilden and A. Dhamodharan deal with the genre of 
grammatical and poetological commentaries. Martine Gestin explores the 
possibilities of retrieving social and anthropological information from 
a poetological commentary. T.V. Gopal Iyer (†2007), T.S. Gangadharan and 
T. Rajeswari write about literary commentaries. R. Varadadesikan 
introduces the genre of Vaishnava theological exegesis and, finally, 
Sascha Ebeling characterises the “neo-commentaries” of the 19th century.

Keywords: Tamil literature, exegesis, philology

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E. WILDEN: Remembering T.V. GOPAL IYER ix

S. EBELING: The Death of a Discipline: In memoriam T.V. Gopal Iyer xi

*Biography of T.V.G.*

T.V. GOPAL IYER: tamiḻ paḻutta uḷḷam [in Tamil] 1

R. ILAKKUVAN: A Life-time for the Cause of Tamil 13

R. ILAKKUVAN: Bibliography of T.V. GOPAL IYER 23

C.V. of T.V. GOPAL IYER 35


E. WILDEN: Between Preservation and Recreation --
Tamil Traditions of commentary 37

*General outlines*

T. LEHMANN: A Survey of Classical Tamil Commentary Literature 55

J.-L. CHEVILLARD: The Meta-grammatical Vocabulary inside the Lists of
32 tantrayuktis and Its Adaptation to Tamil -- Towards a Sanskrit-Tamil
Dictionary 71

*On Grammar and Poetics*

G. VIJAYAVENUGOPAL: Tolkāppiyam -- A Treatise on the Semiotics of
Ancient Tamil Poetry 133

E. WILDEN: Canonisation of Classical Tamil Texts in the Mirror
of the Poetological Commentaries 145

A. DHAMODHARAN: kaḷaviyal uraiyiṉ naṭai [in Tamil] 167

M. GESTIN: A Brilliant Gloss for Tamil Social History: Pre-marital
Courtship and Marriage at the Time of Nakkīrar 183

*On Poetry*

T.V. GOPAL IYER: Our Debt of Gratitude to the Commentators 227

T.S. GANGADHARAN: The Commentator’s Interpretation Illumines
Our Illusive Attempt to Give a Verbatim Meaning -- Parimēlaḻakar’s
Commentary on the Kuṟaḷ 237

T. RAJESWARI: Pālaikkali Verses and Their Authors 255

*On Theology*

R. VARADA DESIKAN: The Influence of Society, Religion and Politics
on the Vaiṣṇava Maṇippiravāḷam Commentaries between the 11th
and 15th c. A.D. 269

*On the Revival of the 19th century*

S. EBELING: Tamil or ‘Incomprehensible Scribble’? The Tamil
Philological Commentary (urai) in the 19th Century 281

*Notes on the Authors* 313

*French Résumés* 317

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