'Plants of the Meghaduta' multimedia website

rajam rajam at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Oct 29 22:54:53 UTC 2009

Dear Dr. Taylor,

I'm sure I'm repeating here what others may have already spoken about  
Tomomi's multimedia work on the flowers and trees of the Meghaduta.
However, one more positive feedback from someone enthusiastically  
supporting Tomomi's effort won't hurt, I thought.

Tomomi's multimedia work on the flowers and trees of the Meghaduta is  
unique, as far as I know, and is extremely impressive, delightful,  
and informative!
Such work would provide, if it hasn't already, an insight into  
understanding the native plants and how those plants formed an  
integral part of one's life in ancient times.

A similar study of the various plants/flowers mentioned in ancient  
Tamil poetry, for example in the long list of flowers mentioned in  
the poem called the *kuRincippATTu,* would be really educational, I  

And, especially with the new awareness of *health* everywhere in the  
present century, such studies may remind people to understand the  
health benefits of plants and flowers.

The only different comment I have is about Tomomi's presentation  
style--the graphical user interface (GUI), the look/design of the Web  
site, etc.-- which I'd be happy to discuss separately since such  
topic may not be of interest to the main stream audience of this list.

Please feel free to contact me at <rajam at earthlink.net> if you'd like  
to hear my views on the UI of Tomomi's Web site. I have some  
experience in the IT world and in providing feedback on software UI.

Thanks and regards,
V.S. Rajam

On Oct 26, 2009, at 7:47 PM, McComas Taylor wrote:

> Dear friends
> Some time ago, I posted a link to Tomomi Sato's Meghaduta  
> multimedia website. At that stage, the site only run under Internet  
> Explorer. Tomomi now has a version of the site that runs well in  
> Firefox:
> http://meghaduta.awardspace.info/
> We would be delighted if you would care to visit it. This was  
> Tomomi's 4th year project on flowers and trees of the Meghaduta.  
> You will find her own English and Japanese translations, artworks  
> and beautiful sung renditions of selected verses.
> I'm sure Tomomi would love to hear some feedback. Her email address  
> is:
> u4238655 at anu.edu.au
> Yours
> McComas Taylor

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