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It is a true critical edition as useful as the MBh, Rm, Vi.s.nuP etc. ones.
Now, like for the others (in which I have not 
included the so perfect "original" SkP critical 
edition... the only one really worthy of that 
name according to some), many remarks (on 
methodological principles or on peculiar points) 
can be made on it. Dealing with this Ahmedabad 
edition of the BhgP, I remember the critical 
("carping"?) paper of Harunaga Isaacson "Grasping 
a hare's horn? Critically editing the Puraa.nas", 
presented at the XIIth WSC in Helsinki (2003), 
but it seems to have not been published yet.
There should be some reviews of the Ahmedabad 
volumes but I have not listed them, and would be 
happy to hear about.
With best wishes,
Christophe Vielle

>This is a delayed response to the email below from Arlo Griffiths
>regarding a "critical edition" of the Bhagavata Purana.  I work on the
>Bhagavata, but this recent edition was news to me, I must admit.  Can any
>of you provide an assessment of this edition, however briefly?
>Specifically, is it a "critical edition," and if so, in what sense (which
>and how many sources etc.)?  Is it being received as *the* critical
>edition, like the Critical Edition of the MBh (leaving aside the fact that
>not all of you accept the latter)?  How much does this new edition differ
>from other editions that scholars have recently used as a standard, such
>as J.L. Shastri's with Sridhara's commentary (Motilal 1983)?
>Thanks so much for any further info, which will help me at least until I
>can get said new edition.
>Tracy Coleman
>The Colorado College
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>Subject: Re: Bhagavata-Purana
>There is a relatively recent critical edition published from Adhmedabad.
>My copy is in storage but this seems to be it (exported and slightly
>expanded from worldcat):
>SASTRI, H. G., SHELAT, B. K., & SASTRI, K. K. (1996-2002).Sribhagavatam:
>Srimad Bhagavata-mahapura?am : samik?ita avr?tti. Ahamadabada, Bho. Je.
>Adhyayana-Sa?sodhana Vidyabhavana.
>Best wishes from Medan,
>Arlo Griffiths
>>  Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 23:46:01 +0200
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>>  Subject: Bhagavata-Purana
>>  To: INDOLOGY at
>>  Greetings to all,
>>  I have been asked if there is some kind of a "standard" edition of the 
>>  Bhagavatapurana to rely upon (for citing and so on). Off hand, I 
>>  didn't know one that may be called a "standard". Or is there a 
>>  published version that serves as a  "majority edition", at least?
>>  All the best
>>  Peter Wyzlic
>>  --
>>  Institut für Orient- und Asienwissenschaften
>>  Abteilung für Indologie
>>  Universität Bonn
>>  Regina-Pacis-Weg 7
>>  53113 Bonn
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