Thanks! (Re: Need references for descriptions of Buddhist nuns in literature )

rajam rajam at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Oct 1 01:06:43 UTC 2009

My sincere thanks to everyone that sent me the references I needed!

The online version of Therigatha ( 
tipitaka/kn/thig/index.html) is amazing! It provided instant  
confirmation of what I've been wondering about for decades!

These references confirmed my thoughts about the demeanor of Buddhist  
nuns -- that they shaved their head, they did not wear any ornaments  
to adorn themselves, and so on.

Thanks and regards,

On Sep 28, 2009, at 12:24 PM, rajam wrote:

> Dear All,
> I'm looking for any descriptions of Buddhist nuns in any earliest  
> Buddhist literature.
> Specifically, I'm interested in understanding whether our  
> literature reflected reality, and if so to what extent.
> In literature -- How are the Buddhist nuns described?
> In reality -- How were they officiated? What did they wear? Did  
> they wear any jewelry to adorn themselves? Did they shave their  
> head? What did they eat? Where did they live? Did they maintain  
> their ties with their kin? What did they do on a daily basis -- did  
> they go around and preach, and if so what did they do and  
> preach?, ... , so on and so forth.
> I would appreciate any informative posting on this list. Please  
> also feel free to contact me directly at: <rajam at>.
> Thanks and regards,
> Rajam

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