yugas and colours

Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at GMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 24 15:28:51 UTC 2009

Dear Thomas,
You probably know this already, but that journal's website is here:

and a note to A. K. Sharma at proiias at gmail.com might produce a copy of the
article or 1996 issue for you.


2009/11/24 Thomas Kintaert <thomaskintaert at gmail.com>

> Sen, Prabal Kumar: The Nyaya-Vaisesika theory of variegated colour
> (citrarupa): some vexed  problems. Studies in Humanities and Social
> Sciences
> (Shimla, India) 3, 2 (1996) 151-172. (= Thematic Issue: Epistemology,
> meaning and metaphysics after Matilal; Theories of the Nyaya school of
> Hindu
> philosophy and logic.)

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