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Sad News:

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Agam Prabhavak, an eminent research scholar, most respected Jain monk by all sects of Jainism and by the scholars of South Asian regions, Muni Shri Jambu Vijayji passed away early this morning (November 12, 2009 - Thursday - Indian time). 
Early morning, Muni Shri Jambu Vijayji was traveling on foot along with other monks from Balotra (a town in Rajsthan) to Jesalmer and they were hit by a high speed truck.  Two munis, Jambuvijayji and Namaskarvijayji died in the accident and others are seriously injured.  Jambuvijayji was 87 years old.

A great loss not only to the entire Jain community but also to the entire South Asian Religion Research Scholars.

I do not have any further detail at this time but will keep you informed as we receive further information.

Pravin K. Shah
Jaina Education Committee
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A short summary of Muni Shri Jambuvijayji's Scholarly Work

Muni Shri Jambuvijayaji continued the pioneering research work that was started by late Muni Shri Punyavijayji

Both Muni Shri Punyavijayji and Shri Jambuvijayji have worked all their life in the compilation and publication of our ancient Jain Ägam literature and cataloging ancient Jain Jnän Bhandärs

Many learned scholars worked under the leadership of these two Munis in compilation and publication of our most authentic literary treasurer.  The partial list of such scholars are; Muni Shri Dharmachandvijay, Late Pundit Shri Bechardas Doshi, Late Pundit Shri Amrutlal Bhojak, Late Pundit Shri Dalsukh Malvania, Dr. Sagarmal Jain, Dr. Nagin Shah, Late Dr. Harivallabh Bhayani, Pundit Rupendra Pagariya, Pundit Suresh Sisodiya, Dr. V M Kulkarni, and Dr. Vasudevsharan Agrawal.

The most of their Scholarly Work (listed below) of these two Munis were published under Jain Ägam Granth Mälä Series by Shri Mahävir Jain Vidyälaya - Mumbai, Shri Bhogilal Laherchand Institute-Delhi and other institutes.

The Education Committee of Jaina has made all their literature available on Jain eLibrary website (www.jaineLibrary.org) in the form of E-Books.  Their literary work consist more than 25,000 pages.

List of Books Published under Late Muni Shri Punya Vijayji and Shri Jambu Vijayji: 

Viyah_pannati_suttam Part-1 
Viyah_pannati_suttam Part-2 
Viyah_pannati_suttam Part-3 
Dasveyaliya_suttam, Uttarjzhayanaim, Avassay_suttam 
Sthanang_sutra Part-1 
Sthanang_sutra Part-2 
Sthanang_sutra Part-3 
Painnay Suttai Part-1 
Painnay Suttai Part-2 
Painnay Suttai Part-3 
Nandisutt And Anuogddaraim 
Pannavana Suttam Part-1 
Pannavana Suttam Part-2 
Anuyogdwar_sutra Part-1 
Anuyogdwar_sutra Part-2 
Dwadsharam Naychakram Part-1 
Dwadsharam Naychakram Part-2 
Dwadsharam Naychakram Part-3 
Panch_sutrakam with Tika 
Aendra Stuti Chaturvinshika Sah Swo Vivran 
Siddhahem_sabdanushasana Sah swopagya (San) Laghuvrutti 
Mahapacchakkhan Painniyam 
Divsagar_pannatti Painnayam 
Tandulveyaliya Painnayam 
Stree Nirvan Kevalibhukti Prakarane 
Surimantra Kalp Samucchaya 
Thanangsuttam And Samvayangsuttam Part-3 
Ayarang_suttam (Acharang_sutra) 
Mahanisiha Suya Khandham 
Sutrakrutang_sutra Vol-1 
Hastalikhit Granthsuchi Part-1 
Hastalikhit Granthsuchi Part-2 
Hastalikhit Granthsuchi Part-3

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