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Dear scholars,
I am very happy to announce to the indologists the publication of the following book:

Diptagama. Tome III (Chapitres 63 – 111). Appendice et index.

Edition critique Marie-Luce Barazer-Billoret, Bruno Dagens et Vincent Lefèvre avec la collaboration de S. Sambandha Sivacarya et la participation de Christèle Barois, Collection indologie n° 81.3, IFP, 2009, viii, 701 p.

Language : Sanskrit, French.800 Rs (35 €). ISBN: 978-81-8470-171-5.


The Dīptāgama is one of the 28 canonical treatises pertaining to the Southern Śaivite school known as Śaivasiddhānta. It deems itself a “treatise on installations”. The critical edition of this hitherto unpublished text relies on manuscripts kept in the French Institute Library. It comprises three volumes where the Sanskrit text is followed by a chapter-wise summary aimed at making the reading easier.

The first volume (2004) deals with mantras, installation of the main Linga in the temple, and more importantly with architecture and iconography. The second (2007) is centred on rituals, mainly for the installation of statues. The present volume completes the main corpus with a long presentation of the annual temple festival. It includes several chapters which belong sometimes nominally to the treatise, as well as an Appendix where quotations of the Dīptāgama found in several agamic works are collected. Lastly there is a full Index of the Dīptāgama’s half-verses.

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